Virtual Consultations

Anytime, Anywhere

Our virtual consultation service allows you to see a thryoid specialist with just one click. Whether you are at work or at home, get in touch with a GMC registered UK-based doctor to get on top of your thyroid issues. Our online consultation service is available for initial consultations or follow-up appointments. At the time of your appointment we might ask you to present a proof of ID. This can be in the form of a passport or driving licence.

Why choosing a virtual appointment?

There are a lot of reasons as to why you would choose a virtual consultation over a face-to-face appointments:

COVID-19 Whether you are a patient at risk, self-isolating, shielding for a vulnerable member of your family, or you simply don’t want to get unnecessary exposure, our virtual consultation service is the way to go.

Same quality There is often this stigma that a virtual consultation doesn’t offer the same quality as a face-to-face consultation. The Thyroid Clinic prides itself to deliver an effective and high-quality service both with virtual and face-to-face consultations.

You choose the location Do it from your bedroom, from your kitchen, from your garden, or from your office. You choose!

Simple, secure and effective It has never been as simple as this. Rest assured, our virtual consultation system uses a clinic software which is highly secure, confidential, GDPR and CQC compliant.

Anywhere in the UK Our virtual consultation service allows us to reach you wherever you might be in the UK. Our mission is to help as many patients in need as possible. Distance won’t be a problem anymore! Get access to our thyroid specialist with one simple click.

Blood tests

Wondering how we can collect blood samples with an online consultation? Well, read all about blood tests here.


A doctor is legally responsible for every prescription given out.  For your safety and for the Doctor’s professional status, the clinic cannot do prescriptions without first seeing a patient or without having seen a patient within 12 months and with recent bloods dated within 6 months.

Never Been This Simple


Pick and choose the date and the time that you want for your first consultation.


Meet your doctor in a video consultation, or with a face-to-face appointment.


Blood tests or other imaging investigations might be required.


Get the right treatment for the right condition.

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